Solution: Cannot delete iPhone purchase history

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     1215     07/22/2015

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If you are unable to delete iphone purchase history, delete or hide apps in itune then here is working solution.

1) Open iTunes in your computer and go to the App Store tab. You should see all your “Purchased” apps.


2) Search for the apps you want to remove from the history or you can see them listed. Once you see the apps icons, move your mouse over the icon and you should be able to see the X on the top left corner of the icon. Click it and you will be prompted to Hide it, just click it and you are done.

Special Note: Even if you are unable to see X icon, if you move the mouse cursor to the top left corner where it is supposed to be and click then it works. (it is invisible). I faced this problem too.


That’s it.



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