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Author: Zeeshan Arshad     46     02/23/2019

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It was very important part of my journey so why not share to see how it feels or help others?

Finally, I worked with consistency on daily basis and finished my own website the way I wanted after 15 years.

Why Did I Do This?

Since you are reading it so I assume you are multi talented professional or having hard time even after going through many achievements in life.

If you can take inspiration from me to work on your talents and go through life then it is all enough.

I want you to understand that multi-talented people can also be successful without being limited under a niche.

One of the reason was lack of helping resources and inspiring multi talented professionals (from Urdu community) and it was becoming hard to step ahead in self doubts.

I encountered some students from Urdu community who were suffering with depression and anxiety and their issue was being multi talented but lack of confidence to share their work in public.

So What Was the Update?

Gathering up many of my roles, achievements, activities, talents and professional work then break them up on display so I don't have to tell anyone what do I do because I do a lot of things.

This site is now like a personality and business card for me.

I never gave serious attention to my website in past because it was for myself (I mostly created solutions for clients and helped people solving their problems).

Further, when you have so many talents, it isn't simple to organize them all.

Specially, when you see majority making fun of us being multi talented by calling "jack of all trade master of none".... you think that you have problems.

It gives serious anxiety when you want to bring your treasure of talents in the world.

I fall under this issue for a long time due to noise of niche-based marketers. (if you followed their advice, you'll make yourself a victim as well because their lessons are for people who are specialists in a box)

So listen.

You are normal.

You are multipotentialite.

Just insecure people have problems so they push you back. (they can even be your relatives and close friends so watch out)

How Did I Do This?

This process was like struggling through procrastination for a long time but this time I didn't stop doing daily actions on every single page by putting focus into small areas one after one and it resulted in big achievement.

One most important factor was going through self confidence and doubts without caring haters, criticizers and opinions of losers.

So don't think that only you have self confidence and doubts issue.

It is a normal thing and part of journey in life. 

Even experts encounter this so don't be afraid of challenges if you are multi talented.

It may take time but you'll go through it if you DO NOT GIVE UP (easy to say, but hard to stick).

Have a good day.

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