Why WordPress Sucks

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     41     01/28/2019

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I've worked with WordPress (I dislike it) and I've seen freelancers and companies use wordpress for making websites for clients.

Actually, here is what happens with WordPress and you are keep investing money for a loop.

  • After X time, you have to update
  • After Y time, your update won't work as you expect
  • After Z time, an update may break your site down
  • After XX time, an update would require you to do more work than just update the site
  • After some versions, your design theme won't remain compatible, you must work again harder way

Beside this, there are issues with plugins as well.

  • Plugins may break your whole wordpress website.
  • They are not compatible to each others.
  • Installing a plugin may freeze your wordpress website

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