Don't Be on All Social Media

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     134     10/03/2018

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Is it good strategy to be on all social media or not?

I think one of the major issue I'm facing myself is lack of "focus" when giving attention to many of my social media accounts.

I'm learning from experience and also preparing notes within this post.

One of the most common mistakes brands and entrepreneurs are doing on social media is not knowing the difference between social media "marketing" vs social media "advertising".

Social media advertising is when you invest money to buy ad on social media platforms.

Social media marketing is related to any activity on social media platforms from creating contents, engaging with followers for the purpose of making them aware about you.

Most of the posts on social media platforms are like sales pitches and advertisement which is wrong.

Constantly asking people to buy your stuff is making them piss off. 

I read somewhere on the Internet to be shameless promoter. However, it doesn't mean to over-promote as buy-my-stuff and let people ignore you.

I don't care too much about sales pitches and buy my stuff type of posts, so other people would be feeling same as well.

Perhaps, you do the same for others? Then, why bother doing the same? Think about it.

Not every post or update has to be a link to your cart page, product page or next webinar.

Build trust, give values to people, help them, advice them, engage with them, let them know you, like you and trust you -- people buy from who they trust.

Social media marketing has to be your chance to provide value to people by sharing your experiences, success, failures and results to help them learn from you. In return, many of them would love to buy your stuff or become your loyal fans or inform others about you -- words of mouth.

Social media advertising can be a way to get leads, convert into sales or followers. And, if you don't spend $15 on Facebook ad but spend a lot of money on foods and entertainment then don't complain about mediocre results.

You can't master all channels and your audience isn't on all channels. Find where your audience is then focus your efforts there.

Having all channels, posting same content on all channels is a silly way for failure.

  • Create content that is best for your choice of channel
  • Find best time and post at that time
  • Engage at the deep level that works for you

If you already have presence on many channels then double your focus on primary channel and put the rest on auto-pilot if you can.

For example; If you focus on Instagram, the same message can be shared on Facebook OR when you focus answering on Quora, it can be shared on Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

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