10 Day Full Stack Web Development (starting from scratch)

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     90     07/13/2018

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Easy to Learn | Step by Step | A Practical Guide with PHP

At this stage you are a beginner to coding or development and you need to know what to do first, and how to start.

Why Should You Learn from My Course?

Short Answer: to learn fast and easily!

Long Answer: This course is designed to serve as a practical action-steps for how best to spend your available time to start web development from scratch.​

What's the "secret"? Just an orderly, logical progression so your time is well spent.

It is made without going in unnecessary intermediate or advanced level details to let you focus on essentials of web development as beginner.​

How Can You Learn in Just 10 Days?

You only need about 45 minutes per day on the weekdays to work on it - or 7 hours on the weekends.

Remember: "You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to Work with HTML, CSS and jQuery
  • Learn to Convert HTML Website into PHP Website
  • Learn to Convert Static Website into Responsive Website
  • Learn to Work with PHP and MySQL
  • Learn to Create Secure Basic Admin Panel with PHP
  • Learn to Create Form and Store in Database
  • Several Practical Tips and Techniques
  • Understand How to Register Domain and How Domain Works
  • Setup Free Hosting Account and Upload Website with FTP
  • Path to Further Resources to Learn More

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Learning full stack web development shouldn't be tedious or time consuming. There is one tried and true way to learn anything and it's pretty straight-forward. It's just do it.

I will be explaining you what you are doing and why you are doing to help you understand better. I also did some intentional and unintentional mistakes then fixed them to let you learn real time problem's scenario and solving it out.

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