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Author: Zeeshan Arshad     113     05/27/2018

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Meet the Podiant, it offers unlimited free plan, the best podcast hosting service out there.

I picked this site after research on several free podcast hosting websites which are mostly either limiting for x hours of audio or data usage.

The downside? You can't access support or help but, do you care? I don't.

If you are like me who just need a website to host podcast without hassle of limitation for free, here you go.

What Benefits Will You Get:

  • No restriction on storage or data
  • You can see who's listening, where and on what devices
  • You can embed it on your own website
  • Each episode will have its own webpage on their website

Most of the benefits we get for free are offered as paid plan in many other podcast hosting websites.

UPDATE: June 2, 2018: Podiant is no longer offering free podcast as of now according to my checking. They may give it later on so for now we can't rely on them for free podcast hosting.

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