How Much Money Can You Make as a Freelancer

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     338     04/30/2018

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Being a freelancer (developer/designer) from Pakistan, how much can you earn as an average on monthly basis?

You can easily earn at least $1000/mo if you are a skilled web/app developer or designer.

It may take you a month or few months to kick start your freelancing depends on how consistent and hard working you are but once you are in the zone, you can't go back to job life of fixed salary anymore because the earning potential in freelancing is so high.

What you can earn in a month on salary could be your earning in a week (or even a day on urgent projects) as freelancer, so this is for skilled people.

I don't recommend non-experienced developers/designers to jump into freelancing without having any real experience from their industry.

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