Why Should You Become Freelancer

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     230     04/30/2018

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Most software companies will keep you until they need you, period. They will fire you without care if they get a better replacement regardless of how sincere and honest you are with them.

Step into Freelancing:

So, after having at least 3-5 years of experience, you must step into freelancing. No matter part time or full time, you have to go this way soon or later otherwise you will end up finding a way to establish some kind of business for your retired age.

Invest Your Time:

You don't really need a large investment to start freelancing. You need a pc/laptop, internet, dedication and registration on any freelancing marketplace of your choice (upwork, guru, freelancer, etc).

Start Small:

You can do it in your spare time while doing your full time job. If you are distracted at your home, you may setup a studio office near your home so that you can work with complete dedication without disturbance. If you have a separate room at your home that you can utilize for freelancing, it is best for you.

Be Fearless:

If millions of freelancers (even less experienced than you) can do it, why not you? Freelancing can also be your first step toward starting your own company. You will learn responsibility, discipline, management, communication, freedom and stream of fast income.

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