Is VR Worth It 2018?

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     96     04/30/2018

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The truth of having console/desktop VR until now is that you will end up keeping it in dust due to the lack of quality and engaging contents.

So, is VR worth it in 2018?

There is still not enough real engaging contents that can force you come back to play again & again as we do with our console/pc/mobile gaming. 

Natural FOV isn't there yet. Resolution issue exists. You may end up harm your eyes with current VR, if doubt go play VR a lot and see the difference later.

To spend over $2000 for VR to have dream like reality experience is a dream till now so don't expect something beyond extraordinary.

You will enjoy VR no doubt, there are some good engaging games/apps but don't expect a lot to get return on investment.

I'm talking on basis of my experience with over 400+ VR experiences including but not limited to Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, HTC Vive. I can easily count the games and apps that really made me feel not sad investing in VR.

However, one thing I can surely say that Samsung Gear VR has more quality contents than HTC Vive/Playstation VR. Oculus has many contents which already exists on Gear VR version so that makes no big difference.

With such huge advantage of having full room scale, there has to be something truly amazing than a mobile-based VR.

VR is not useless, you can take its advantage in many other fields but that is beyond gaming and entertainment.

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