Should I Upgrade to React?

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     481     12/14/2017

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Well, I was so excited once I saw React site, some good info about it from people using it and then I thought how easy life can be by using React instead of JQuery If I upgrade myself?

"The future of JavaScript is still in the future"

Looking at React and other hyped stuff like this one. So all such bloated stuff are created due to issues by DOM? Why don't you just go simplify DOM or bring an alternate of DOM so we don't need these floating libraries/frameworks born to make code 10x longer and harder to do simple stuff in the data? 

Why don't you learn a lesson from JQuery (library) and Bootstrap (framework)? 

They are successful and more popular because they made things "easier" by solving "problems" -- They didn't create more problems to solve problems.

It looks similar hype like AngularJS was born some years ago.

See the benefits explained:

But then also check following articles:

So, are you solving problems or creating more problems to solve a problem? I'm doubtful, sorry --- I don't blindly follow up your so-called trend in companies.

That's all for now, some thoughts.

I may need to look further, even though.

So what's your opinion or suggestion after it?

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