10 Windows Spying Settings You Should Disable Now!

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     439     11/12/2017

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Disable following 10 windows spying settings/features to protect your privacy and use safely.

1. [0:05] Disable Automatically Applied Updates
2. [0:22] Annoying Notifications
3. [0:36] Start Menu Ads
4. [0:50] Disable Targeted Ads from Third-party Apps (remove its duplicate recording after 11 number video)
5. [0:57] Getting to Know You
6. [1:07] Disable Unwanted Background Apps
7. [1:29] All the Syncing
8. [1:41] Cortana Search History Syncing
9. [1:59] Disable Wi-Fi Sense
10. [2:13] Prevent App-Access to Your Location, Microphone, & Webcam

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