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Author: Zeeshan Arshad     1978     03/25/2017

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If you are looking to buy HTC Vive headset for virtual reality in Pakistan, then here are some of the sites where you can buy it. I listed them by the difference of selling cost (lowest price first).

ishopping.pkRs. 115,999 ~ Rs. 119,999 ~ Rs. 123,252 (cost: 88000, shipping: 14710, tax: 20542 -- direct importer from amazon) ~ Rs. 135,499 ~ Rs. 156,087


I also suggest you to keep looking on for the "vive" or "htc vive" so that you can find good offer from someone selling HTC Vive. Not everyone is VR lover and HTC Vive also required a room for room-scale setup. Therefore, some people who are keen to play classic pc games may not enjoy HTC Vive a lot due to its isolation nature of gameplay. They might want to sell their Vive and you can buy from them in reasonable cost.


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