How to Link Payoneer with Pakistan Banks (Quick Guide)

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     2184     06/20/2016

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Simply login to your Payoneer account and follow up my guide. 

This quick guide covers the following areas:

    • Step 1: Go to Menu "Withdraw" -> "to Bank Account"
    • Step 2: Click "Add New" Button
    • Step 3: Enter Payoneer/Personal Credentials
    • Step 4: Enter Bank Information
    • Step 5: Click Here to Find Switft Code

Step 1: Go to Menu "Withdraw" -> "to Bank Account"

Step 1


Step 2: Click "Add New" Button

Step 2


Step 3: Enter Payoneer/Personal Credentials

Step 3


Step 4: Enter Bank Information

Step 4


Step 5: Click Here to Find Switft Code

Step 5


Note: There is a 2% Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate


You are done!

Step 6

Here is a Video Tutorial by Abdul Wali

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