Batch watermark in Fireworks

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     1575     10/31/2011

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There is no batch watermark facility in Adobe Fireworks (until now in CS5). So we can make our own watermark command to use in batch process.


1. Create a watermark template (it will  be your watermark that you want to apply on all other pages)

2. Open one of your page (we will use it to create a watermark command)

3. Import your watermark template

4. Reduce Opacity of watermark up to 10% or 15% (whichever works best for you)

5. Goto your History Panel

6. Select your history steps and click "Save as Command Name" from the options given in the panel (bottom right)

7. Save it as watermark (or whatever name you like)

Batch Watermark: Now, you can apply this watermark quickly on all your pages by using  File > Batch Process

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