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A self-taught expert in making custom web apps/software in affordable cost for international clients to reduce their running business expenses, save countless wasted hours, automate manual business operations and increase productivity.

Since 2001, hundreds of custom web-based projects have been delivered for over 250+ satisfied clients beyond their own exact requirements with zero-negative ratings.


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From Idea to Launch and Beyond - Easy to Use - Simple & Secure

YouTube Captions Management System (2016-2020)

From a simple Youtube webpage timer idea to a complete YouTube management system and launched project.

Century 21 Real Estate Management System (2015)

A custom and personalized real estate management system that combined features of two complex systems.

Visa Management System (2014)

This system was created for a business owner providing visa services.

Product Management System for Japanese E-Commerce Website (2014)

A custom and simple to use system for e-commerce business owner in Japan.

Automated Sales Tracking System (2012)

An automated system that track sales.

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History of Some Coding Projects

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Revamped into HTML5/CSS3 and Responsive Site
Fixes and modifications in wordpress's website
Developed a life-based game with timers and daily actions.
Modifications in OsCommerce
conversion to Mobile Site
conversion to HTML5
xhtml/css conversion + CMS
xhtml/css conversion + CMS
modification in x-cart, smarty based site
integration with wordpress theme
Website Redesigning
Website Improvements
Wpress Contents
CMS and Redesign
website development
website development
website re-designed
website re-designed
website re-designed
dynamic portal
website development
System Upgraded
CMS Website
CMS Website
CMS Website
CMS Website
CMS Website
static website
static website
e-commerce website
Web Hosting Website
CMS based Website
DVD Website
CMS based website
Timelapse Videos Website with Google Checkout API
Website Design & Development
Web acceesible forms
Dynamic Reviews CMS website
Dynamic Reviews CMS website
full dynamic portal revamp and improvements
html website
shopping website
hotel website with cms
Admin System (back-office)
CMS System & Password Protected Admin Panel
Kitchen Cabinets Website
Paypal Modifications
VPS Hosting Website (completed)
Multiple Files Uploader with Progressbar (ASP)
Template design and conversion
Jet Card Member Site - Airline Tickets Management System
Page protection for a site
Survey Application
Question/Answers website
education site + shopping cart
form with paypal payment
Converted ASP site into PHP
WYSIWYG based Gallery Fixed
user based restriction for pages
Guestbook + Admin (Nouman)
VIOP Request Wizard + Admin Panel
forum/community (SEO URL)
Real Estate Website
Dynamic site with admin panel
ASP Custom Uploader with Progressbar (component-free)
cart page updated
restored mysql db and fixed problems with db access permission
asp form and cdonts mailer
website's asp/database problems fixed + admin panel updated
admin panel enhancements
auto-preview in popup for entered URL n/a
Baby Products Website - redesigned and structured
Web-based Survey Application in ASP
php post a comment
html page optimized
ASP-based ecommerce website
online scripts library
web-based portal