Who Am I and How Can I Solve Your Problems?


I'm Zeeshan. An independent freelancer for more than 12 years who has established himself as a leader in transforming frustrated individuals/entrepreneurs into satisfied customers through out of the box approach of solving problems

What People Say?

$5000+ / Developed a Classified, Business Directory and Groupon Style Portal with Custom Admin Panel
"Zeeshan is an excellent service provider and a person of great expertise. He is highly competent and of great integrity. I highly recommend Zeeshan for any endevour." 
~ Roberto Alberdeston, USA

$1000+ / Developed a Complex Website with Custom Back-Office
"Mr. Arshad developed a large and very complex website for me that has performed flawlessly since its launch more than five years ago. His ability to work to detailed requirements while also providing expert advice were key to the success of my project. His level of professionalism, integrity, and customer focus are unmatched in my experience. During the course of several projects, I've found him to be efficient, creative, meticulous, and fully engaged in the work at hand. I would rank him as the best developer overall that I've had the pleasure of working with." 
~ Tom Parker, USA

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Top-Ranked Freelancer

vworker-top-coder-zeeshan-arshadIn addition, achieved top-ranked freelancer on two online marketplaces vWorker (former RentACoder) and Freelancer.com.

Often hired to solve urgent technical problems and specialized in creating easy to use custom web applications with innovative ideas to reduce customer's investment.

How Do I Help Serious Beginners? 

I do it by sharing, in detail, my own practical stories and experiences. I believe that if I have succeeded in something, you can learn about it here. If I have failed, you can read about that too. I firmly believe that there is no reason why you can’t follow the same path as me.

I am sure that you can match or exceed my achievements given the right circumstances, and this site is his way of sharing & teaching you how to do just that.

How Do I Do Web Development Projects?

I do not overload myself and do not mislead clients. I take the project in which I'm confident to deliver with satisfaction and go beyond expectations.

I take direct offered projects or through freelance marketplaces.

How Did My Journey Began?

I belong to a middle class family and had no access to computer. I was 16 years old and passionate about computing field. With a helping hand of my friend Ayaz Ahmad, I self-studied web development then started career as a web instructor.

about-web-developmentLater, switched into jobs and worked like a crazy guy for about 2 years in an ISP (SAMWOnline) while sleeping like 2 hours a day and also finished my college education. Meanwhile, I self-studied various web technologies like Cold Fusion, .NET, Flash, XML and ASP.

I wanted to quit chasing 9-5 routine and enjoy the freedom. I had started to work with one client for a website and it was beginning of freelancing without knowing that I'm already on the freedom path.

I was finding a way until Allah helped me and I got a "5 Minutes Freelancing" book. It was the idea and inspiration of freedom.

I started to utilize minimum 5 minutes daily for bidding on projects (Guru, GetALancer, Elance) and after being frustrated by failing, I was almost gave up.

Later, after sometime I reached back a forgotten site the RentACoder in 2005 (where I had registered in 2001). 

After spending several days and taking some ideas from other proposals, I was able to craft my own message and learnt the bidding techniques. And that was the happiest moment when I won my first project on vWorker and finally kick started.

How Do I Add Adventures To My Life?

about-adventureI play games and experiments with virtual reality contents by recording highlights. I also self-practiced martial arts, yoga and developed a curriculum that was geared specifically to enhance my agility and strength.

My personal interests have an interesting relationship to the universe and programming. I'm always been kind of a deep thinker. In less technical arenas, I tend to be a bit of a dabbler with interests ranging from literature to philosophy to religions to the sciences.