Who is Zeeshan and Why Are You Here?


My name is Zeeshan Arshad and I own this site. It is my personal brand under which I provide a series of web development services, computer training and share virtual reality experiments. A well experienced freelance web developer with over 14 years in computer industry. Currently living in Pakistan and working as an Independent Freelancer for more than 12 years. 



I help serious people (who love to take actions and willing to put their efforts) to realize their own dreams of being an computer professional or freelancer.

I do this by sharing, in detail, my own practical stories and experiences. If I have succeeded in something, you can learn about it here. If I have failed, you can read about that too.

I firmly believe that there is no reason why you can’t follow the same path as me. I am sure that you can match or exceed my achievements given the right circumstances, and this site is my way of sharing & teaching you how to do just that.

RentACoder's Top Worker

vworker-top-coder-zeeshan-arshadIf you TRY, you can do anything! I was ranked #177 out of 300,000+ workers on vWorker (former RentACoder) that was acquired by Freelancer.com in November 2012. Over the last 12 years in freelance career, I have developed over 600 projects including web-applications, websites, modifications and improvements.

How My Journey Began

I belong to a middle class family and I had no access to computer. I was 16 and passionate about computers. With a helping hand of my friend Ayaz Ahmad, I self-studied about web development then started career as a web instructor.

about-web-developmentLater, switched into jobs and worked like a crazy guy for about 2 years in an ISP (SAMWOnline) while sleeping like 2 hours a day and also finished my college education. Meanwhile, I self-studied various web technologies like Cold Fusion, .NET, Flash, XML and ASP.

I wanted to quit chasing 9-5 routine and enjoy the freedom. I had started to work with one client for a website and it was beginning of freelancing without knowing that I'm in the freedom startup : )

I was finding a way until Allah helped me and I accidentally read "5 Minutes Freelancing" book. It was the idea and inspiration of freedom. I started to utilize minimum 5 minutes daily for bidding on projects (Guru, GetALancer, Elance) and after being frustrated by failing I reached back my forgotten site the RentACoder in 2005 (where I had registered in 2001). After spending several days and taking some ideas from other proposals, I was able to craft my own message and learnt the techniques. And that was the happiest moment when I won my first project on vWorker (former RentACoder) and finally kick started.

How do I do my freelance web development?

With my laptop and an internet connect, I'm like a freedom guy. I do not overload myself and I do not mislead clients. I take the projects in which I'm confident to deliver with full satisfaction and go beyond expectations. I do take private projects through direct clients or through freelancing market places.

How I add adventure to my life:

about-adventureI play games and experiments with virtual reality contents by recording highlights. I self-practiced martial arts, yoga and developed a curriculum that was geared specifically to enhance my agility and strength.

My personal interests have an interesting relationship to the universe and programming. I've always been kind of a deep thinker. In less technical arenas, I tend to be a bit of a dabbler with interests ranging from literature to philosophy to religions to the sciences.